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Operation Ray of Light
Veterans and Family Empowerment Center

About Us

Veteran Empowerment

Operation Ray of Light was founded on the principle of veteran empowerment. We view the veterans the United States as a great asset to our country. We realize that there are difficulties in reintegration into civilian life from the military life and our goal is dedicated to utilizing the strengths of veterans to make this process easier.

Family Empowerment

Operation Ray of Light supports families of veterans. We firmly understand the sacrifices of military families. It is our goal to work to support military families throughout the entire lifespan from the youngest returning service member to retirees and beyond.

Become part of the Empowerment Movement

Becoming part of Operation Ray of Light is unlike any other veteran service organization. Our holistic approach serving disabled american veterans and their families was established to revolutionize the current status quo veteran care and supports. We offer free resource development for veterans and their families including employment supports, resource development, social activities, therapeutic supports and a community of veterans and supporters committed to the empowerment of veterans.


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Every Tuesday

Veterans and Partners Mindfulness group 12pm.

Second Thursday of each month

Survivors of Veteran Suicide Support Group

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